Concert Poster Design

Sleepy Hahas

Sleepy Hahas are a local Buffalo band, I answered an open Twitter invitation to design a poster for them, as they needed one for an upcoming gig. I was contacted by a member of the band, who sent me a promotional photo and their logo to use, everyting else was up to me.

I tried to do something a little different with this poster design, I started with a geometric idea (the circle) and, after putting the logo in a bar directly in the middle, thought that layers of the circle would look interesting. After creating the shapes, I still needed a way to incorporate the band’s photo, so I thought layering & mirroring it every other layer would be an interesting choice.

The digital glitch was actually an accident, an error caused by the import failure of the band’s photo into Photoshop. I loved it so much I rendered out the glitch and re-imported it into Photoshop, using it as an overlay. Happy accident!

The band members were thrilled with the output, and have asked me for more designs in the future!