Video Packaging & Art Direction

iShoot, iEdit: The Wall Live On Tour 2010

iShoot, iEdit is a fan-made Live DVD documenting Roger Waters’ 2010 Wall Live tour produced by Harvested Records, a reputable and well-known organization for fan-produced live released for the band Pink Floyd.

I was contacted by HRV, knowing several members through an online Pink Floyd community. They came to me with an idea that they wanted to mimic the visuals from part of the show, during the song “Run Like Hell.” In it, the projections feature heavily contrasted and red images over a gritty wall with words such as “iPaint”, “iFollow”, “iLose” – an ongoing motif throughout the show. The project was to be called iShoot, iEdit, calling to the nature of the DVD which was shot, edited, mastered, and designed by fans, for fans.

Recreating the show’s imagery accurately require many parts, including:

  • Creating the background wall texture using ~10 layers of effects and textures
  • Cutting out and colorizing the static imagery
  • Hand-designed both the white earphones and the iconic hammer logo
  • Identifying, locating, and utilizing the exact stencil font used

In addition to the cover design, I also created an ad image used on various online communities to advertise the upcoming release, the DVD art design, and the menus.

The project has, to date, been individually downloaded over 10,000 times, through various websites and other means. Being a fan-made release, it was designed to be shared freely amongst fans, so the actual count of downloads and number of people who own a copy is impossible to accurately know.