CD Design & Layout

Game/Create Soundtrack

Game/Create: Creativity in the Gaming Subculture is a 30-minute film that was shot, edited, designed, and directed by Garrett Weinholtz and produced by the Canisius College Video Institute. The film is a documentary about the inner circle of Game/Creators…people who love to play games, but also love to create things using their love of gaming.

In addition to the film aspect, Weinholtz also wrote the original soundtrack to his film, using a Gameboy for an instrument. He independently released the soundtrack, and I created soundtrack artwork to reflect the 8-bit style of the music, and glitch style of the film. I also provided an original song that was used in the film, and I also served as a camera operator on-location in New York City.

I created the artwork by layering various glitch lines and manipulated images of light and color.

The film can be viewed here, and a sampler of the soundtrack can be listened to here.