Pamphlet / Map Design & Layout

Elmwood Village Map & Guide

I’ve been fortunate to work with the Elmwood Village Association on their Neighborhood Guide project dating back to 2015. Prior to my involvement, the EVA had contracted the work to a local agency but were looking for some design overhauls and maintainability of the project.

Initially, I was asked to overhaul the entire design while keeping elements from the original for consistency. I was provided with the previous project’s files for updating and guidance, but the EVA wanted to completely overhaul the way the project was laid out. For the inside, they only wanted the map and listings. Previously, there were lots of other lists and information which took up valuable space, leaving the actual map and listings to only half of the page. After some work, I was able to move everything off the back page to the front 1/2 and make the map, the centrepiece of the project, the entire back of the pamphlet.

The design has evolved over the years, most notably the cover which I now change to a different aerial shot of mine every year (there was no guide in 2017 due to ongoing personnel changes at the EVA).