Event Poster Design & Branding

20 Block Bash (2015)

Following the success of last year’s 20 Block Bash (see below) the Elmwood Village Association decided to make it an annual event and asked me to work on the designs again. I loved how last year’s poster came out, as did the EVA, so we decided to give the design from last year a refresh rather than start over.

I wanted to keep most of the photos from last year the same but I wanted to throw in one or two new pictures. I selected a great photo of the village that I took with my drone, moved around the rest of the images, and had a fresh look that still had the same stylistic feel as the year before.

I also freshened up the logo, edited the lineup, added sponsors, and wrapped it up! Like last year, I create web and Facebook versions of the poster that were used on their respective platforms.

For info on the 2014 poster, please see below!

Event Poster Design & Branding

20 Block Bash (2014)

I was commissioned by the Elmwood Village Association to create a poster and brand for an upcoming event to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. The EVA told me that they loved my poster for the Sleepy Hahas concert that I’d recently finished, so I tried to keep that in mind when beginning to work on the design.

After several false starts, I decided that the best way to visually represent the Village would be to use photos of well-known and representative areas. I biked around my neighborhood for an hour or so, snapped some photos, selected a few I liked, and created the foundation for the design.

After the photos were edited and inserted, the rest of the poster design fell into place rather quickly. The green in the badge logo and bottom banner is the same  green from the EVA’s recognizable logo, which was my way to tie in their already existing branding with my design.

In addition to the poster design, I ported various elements into images for the EVA’s website and Facebook, seen respectively below.