Poster Design

Boeing Boeing

This poster was designed for Kaleidoscope Theatre Productions’ 2013 Curtain Up! performance of Boeing Boeing. The show is about a man who is engaged to three different flight attendants from three different countries. Hilarity ensues with the introduction of jets to commercial aviation, and all three women wind up in one city at one time.

KTP was very clear that they wanted something on the poster to reflect the three flight attendants, but other than that I had free reign. I tried to go with a retro-minimalistic-modern approach to this poster. I loved planes as a kid (and still do), so I jumped at the opportunity to design this poster.

I had a majority of the poster design done before I was contacted about the inclusion of the girls, so adding them & their nationalities was a bit of a challenge. I eventually found great vector ladies, silhouetted them all in white, created masks from their clothes, and overlaid their respective flags. Short, sweet, simple, and not only matched the feeling of the rest of the poster, but the flags delivered a great little touch of color.